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The Whole Nation Enjoys Jos. Schlitz Brewing Cos' Milwaukee Lager Beer, 1888

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Description:The Whole Nation Enjoys Jos Schlitz Brewing Cos' Milwaukee Lager Beer, 1888. Print shows a broadside advertisement of a young woman serving beer to two well-dressed men seated at a table in a garden-like setting with a picture of the U.S. Capitol in the background. They raise their glasses as though in a toast; the waitress is setting a third glass on the table. The man on the left looks like what Joseph Schlitz might have looked like had he been alive at the time to this advertisement. The other man may be a representative of "P.M. Ohmeis & Co. sole agents "146 & 148 Fulton St. & 517 & 519 Washington St. New York". The base support for the table has a large ram's head design.
Media:Chromolithographic Print

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