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A New Display Of The United States, 1799

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Title:A New Display Of The United States, 1799
Description:A New Display Of The United States, 1799. A bust portrait of President John Adams, with garland and curtain, framed by the arms of sixteen states. Below each state's seal are inscribed its population and number of senators and representatives. At the top of the print is a spread-winged eagle, holding an arrow, an olive branch, and a banderole with the words "Millions for our Defence Not a Cent for Tribute." The print is one of several revised and updated versions of Doolittle's 1788-89 engraving "A Display of the United States of America," which has a bust portrait of George Washington, encircled by the seals of thirteen states in the form of circular links in an unbroken chain, symbolic of the federal union, and lacks the eagle and motto.
Creator:Doolittle, Amos, 1754-1832, Creator
Date:August 14, 1799
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