Suruga Satta No Kaijo, 1858

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Image Title: Suruga Satta No Kaijo, 1858

Creator: And?, Hiroshige, 1797-1858, artist

Date: 1858.

Summary: Japanese print shows a view of Mount Fuji from Satta Point in the Suruga Bay, with breaking waves in the foreground.

Notes: Title and other descriptive information compiled by Nichibunken-sponsored Edo print specialists in 2005-06 and Basil Stewart's Guide to Japanese prints, 1979, p. 115.

Subjects: Fuji, Mount (Japan)--1850-1860
Suruga Bay (Japan)--1850-1860

Places: Fuji, Mount Japan
Suruga Bay Japan

Original Media: Woodcut print

Collections: Fine Prints: Japanese, pre-1915 » more info...

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