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The Great Republican Reform Party, Calling On Their Candidate, 1856

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Title:The Great Republican Reform Party, Calling On Their Candidate, 1856
Description:The Great Republican Reform Party, Calling On Their Candidate, 1856. Fremont is portrayed as the champion of a motley array of radicals and reformers. As he stands patiently at far right he is "called upon" by (left to right): a temperance advocate, a cigar-smoking, trousered suffragette, a ragged socialist holding a liquor bottle, a spinsterish libertarian, a Catholic priest holding a cross, and a free black dandy. Temperance man: "The first thing we want, is a law making the use of Tobacco, Animal food, and Lager-bier a Capital Crime." Suffragette: "We demand, first of all; the recognition of Woman as the equal of man with a right to Vote and hold Office." Socialist: "An equal division of Property that is what I go in for." Elderly libertarian: "Col. I wish to invite you to the next meeting of our Free Love association, where the shackles of marriage are not tolerated & perfect freedom exist in love matters and you will be sure to Enjoy yourself, for we are all Freemounters." Priest: "We look to you Sir to place the power of the Pope on a firm footing in this Country." Freedman: "De Poppylation ob Color comes in first. arter dat, you may do wot you pleases." Fremont: "You shall all have what you desire. and be sure that the glorious Principles of Popery, Fourierism, Free Love, Woman's Rights, the Maine Law, & above all the Equality of our Colored brethren, shall be maintained; If I get into the Presidential Chair."
Creator:N. Currier, Creator
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