Theatre Marquee, Fargo, North Dakota, 2008

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Image Title: Theatre Marquee, Fargo, North Dakota, 2008

Description: Theatre Marquee, Fargo, North Dakota, 2008. On Monday, March 15, 1926, the Fargo Theatre opened to the public. The opening was big news, and The Forum ran a 12-page supplement detailing the elegant structure. The entertainment bill that first day featured a varied program of pictures and vaudeville with accompaniment by Chicago organist Ramon Berry at the Wurlitzer, and the Theatre's own orchestra under the direction of Norman Ostby. "The King Cole Revue," a musical extravaganza with 15 entertainers, was the feature number. Sydney Chaplin, brother of Charlie Chaplin, played the title role in the feature film, "The Man on the Box." A news reel, animated cartoon, and burlesque number completed the entertainment. ??The Fargo Theatre's early days were filled with appearances by vaudeville stars. To the delight of every school-aged boy in town, Babe Ruth was the headliner in November 1926. He appeared on stage in his uniform, hitting a baseball that hung down from a wire on a string. Silent screen cowboy Tom Mix also appeared in person at the Fargo Theatre with his horse Tony.

Creator: Highsmith, Carol M., 1946-, Photographer

Date: 2008 July 7

Original Media: Print

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